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The Treatment

The Treatment - Suzanne Young True rating: 2.5 So let me clear: this isn't a "bad" book in the sense that it had bad writing or anything. In fact, "The Treatment" is a fairly good continuation of "The Program". Suzanne Young has come up with a terrifying and engaging premise, so fascinating that it kept me reading despite my difficulties reading the book. So why 2.5 stars? Because as I read it I felt like I was reading a script for a T.v. show. Each chapter felt abrupt and filled with action that only flowed together as a whole. Heavy on the dialogue and TELLING rather than showing the reader what went on felt distracting, until I finally added " fade to black".

That being said, I very much think both books would make an excellent show or mini series and as that medium, "The Treatment" gets 5 stars and then some, because Young really has created (and concluded fairly well) a wonderful, vivid, and terrifying world that I would recommend to readers with a bit of caution.

Thank you to Eidleweisse and Simon & Schuster for an e-galley in exchange for fair reviewer / bookseller purposes.

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