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Love @ First Site - Jane Moore It has all the makings to be an English chick-lit novel (30 something single gal with hip, trendy job, gay friend, supportive, attached friends, a crises and that one frienemy) but falls short on an actual plot or development of characters. It’s like reading lots of drama and then peaks to a boring halt all wrapped up with a pretty bow called the last chapter.To be honest, I read the first two chapters, got bored, and then read the last page to figure out the name of the bloke she was going to end up with. I got by just fine by skipping to where he first appeared in the book (over halfway through the book, I mean seriously?!?!) and started reading from there. I was even able to skip a few more chapters after that point as it just got to be textbook events. ...please read the full review at:

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