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The Royal Treatment (Alaskan Royal Family, Book 1) - MaryJanice Davidson Second read around. My first review says it best:First off, let's call it for what this book is: A completely sugar coated, let's suspend belief that Alaska is it's own country with a SERIOUSLY wacka-doodle swearing, EXTREMELY relaxed royal family (especially the king), chick-lit novel. Now that you've got that, you can enjoy the book far more. Even though I had a really hard time believing the book and what was going on (and how it all came about), the characters and writing style made me laugh. A lot. The last chapter or so I started losing interest because even though you have a hard time keeping up with the pace that the story takes during the entire book, it seems too rushed for my taste -- as if Davidson wanted to cram in as much as she could by adding erratic and unnecessary drama. Remember folks, SUSPEND BELIEF AND ENJOY!

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